Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Power of Silence...

Life these days seems as if its on a F1 track. Fast and there's no time to rest n look back. There is so much to achieve these days and so much pressure. Some how one feels that one has lost their inner peace. Something is happening inside u 24X7. There's so much noise everywhere and within. In search of inner silence one needs to have outer silence too because its this outer silence that helps us to achieve the inner silence. One gets inner silence when their heart and mind are at rest at the conscious level.

Silence is something that one cant see and just feel it. One can understand its presence. Peace is always associated with silence. Its something that has no image nor any words. Exploring your inner self one has to go in the state of silence. Self analysis is a way to get inner silence. Silence never stops the time but it somehow slows its speed. One can come to terms with what is happening and what went wrong. Its gives opportunity to plan and allows us to think clearly. Silence gives us clarity of vision which we some how miss.

If silence can help us to achieve clarity in our thought and analyse ourself then i think acknowledgeing its existence is worth it. If your mind is clear you will definitely come up with clearer thoughts that will help you to achieve success that ultimately gives u happiness and satisfaction. All theses are inter related. Its more important to meet your self which i think "silence" helps you!!

Silence is the purest music...if you are ready to hear it!!


This award is called Humane award. Thank you Swatantra & Varsha Shrote for giving me the Humane Award. It was really a surprise!! M honored!!!
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SG said...

Well said. The ego is afraid of inner peace and inner silence. If there are inner peace and silence, there are no thoughts. In that situation, there is no place for ego and it will be automatically gone.

Thanks for giving me the Humane Award. I am really honored.

Kavi said...

Inner peace and silence is an awesome tool. And that gives a load of power to any human.

But to get there, is an ask. A tall ask. Perhaps someday we'll all get there !

Thanks for the award !! Appreciate the spirit and the appreciation too. Thanks a ton

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

very nice article. i loved it. i agree to one thing 100% percent- silence is the purest music sure :)

Deeps said...

"Silence is the purest music...if are ready to hear it!!"-so true,Nazish!

Thank you so very much for the award..truly honoured :)

Neha said...

very well said Nazish...I am sure you came up with this post with your inner most silence helping you, right? lovely thoughts...

thanks for sharing

Congratulations for the award...:))

Regina said...

Hi congratulations! Great award.

There is an appointed time for evrething. And there is a time for every event under heaven...

Silence and reflections are sometimes needed.

Have a nice week.

Usha said...

If Peace were to be the religion and Silence; the language, the world would be a better place :)

You have been doing lotsa thinking huh...haha...Awesome post once again.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the power of silence....

Thank you for the award. I am really honoured!

I am trying to catch up with all the blogs that I used to visit. I am not getting time for anything nowadays. :)

Meira said...

Hey congratulations :)

Aparna said...

Extremely well said Nazish.
Congratulations on your award.
I am sure you will win many more such awards. Take care.

Destiny's child... said...

Silence is silver but speech is golden..:)
But I agree, silence is sometimes brighter than the brightest of things. It clears your mind of all doubts. Well said, but it would have been a lot better if you had avoided the repetitive use of the word 'silence'. I found it a bit confusing.
But yes, it was food for thought. :)

Mustaf said...

This is so true!! We have to remember we can't run at the same speed all throughout our life and if you are always running, when you will introspect, and if you don't have time for introspection, you can never realize whether you have gone wrong. So, it is for our betterment only that we should take a break, be absorbed in myself and listen to what our heart, our conscience is telling us to do. It is specially required when you are too messed up, I use it so often when I need to decide strategy for the meeting with boss the very next day :-)

Varsha Shrote said...
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Swatantra said...

Silence is the purest music!! Well said...

Did you write those words, and then clicked it.. Very nice picture!!

Thanks for accepting the award.. Congrats!!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ SG
So true there is no place for ego!

@ Kavi
Hope so we get there man :)!!!

Thanks a lot Chandana!!

@ Deeps
Oh u truly deserved it !!

@ Neha
Thanks ya...your so correct!!

@ Regina
Thanks :)

@ Usha
Hahaha...thinking n me no way!!!
Thanks for your lovely comments!!

@ Jyothi
Thanks for visiting my blog ya!!

@ Meira

@ Aparna
Thanks Aparna....n as far as awards r concerned, hope so i may get!!

@ Destiny's child
Sorry to confuse u...will definitely take note of that for sure!!!
Thanks for for your true n lovely means a lot!!

Thanks ya...its exactly what i think!!

@ Varsha Shrote
Thanks ya...again that thats great!!!
Glad u liked my post..

@ Swatantra the pic is from google!!

Mama Zen said...

I don't realize how much I miss silence until I actually have some!

Kay said...

Hence my title: Loud Silence...sometimes we need to get rowdy to appreciate the quiet; sometimes chaos is the answer to perception...but to find the center in self is pure bliss. Nice post :)

kavita said...

Nazish,you are right that to achieve the inner silence one needs to have outer silence too.Another point you made is very good that the silence never stops the time but it somehow slows its you meditate often?Because it sounds to me that you have experienced it all.Great post an yes congratulations on your award.

HaRy!! said...

hmmm if ever yu get to see a movie in Tamil - Mozhi...its all abt silence and the power of it! nice blog

Zeba said...

congrats on the award. nice post.

sm said...

well said
very nice article

Dhanya said...

Silence is indeed powerful! In fact, if you can share silence comfortably with someone, it shows how close you are with each other...

Nice post :)

shilpa said...

congrates nazish you just doing very well well silence is better than spoken words

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Mama Zen
Hm...absence of anything makes u realize what u miss!!

@ Kay
Thanks Kay!!

@ Kavita
I have experienced it definitely...n the peace that i have derived is worth is!! Thanks !!
@ Hary
Will watch it !! Thanks!!!

@ Zeba

Thank u!!

@ Dhanya
True if u trust it...its beautiful!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog!!

@ Shilpa
Thanks...yup sometimes its better to b quiet and understand it!!

Babli said...

Heartiest congratulations to you for the award. I liked your post very much as you have portrayed very beautifully the true fact of life. Keep writing.

Sakshi said...

Ayyooo I have been silenced for words by your post. I am scared shit of silence and you sound like my hubby who always shuts me up...sobs!! I go mad if I am left in total silence...sobs...

hee ok now am stopping the fooling around and telling you that it was a great post. It's just that I am not yet in a frame of mind to sit and think about life very seriously...ahem 17 years old u see!!

Thanks for the award..what does this Humane award mean?

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Babli
Thanks a lot!!

@ Sakshi
17yrs sure...even thats too much, may b!!
Thanks a lot Sakshi!!
Well that award is for ppl who r kind n show concern for others...:)

Sakshi said...

kind and show concern for others...hmmmm I am framing this award and hoping my husband will see it!!!!

Gayathri said...

Well,peace is an entity which has to be felt within..not necessary that u need to have external's our ability to concentrate in ourselves that count..

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

so very true and very well written...
i also like ur choice of pictures...they are very serene and potray calmness...

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Sakshi
hahaha...oh definitely show him!!

@ Gayatri
Well it depends on individual..but i some how experienced this!!

@ Neha Gandhi
Thanks a lot Neha...i appreciate that!!

JD said...

silence is the most powerful language. It soothes, protects, assures and above all gives u the power to understand urself better.

very well written..

Varsha Shrote said...

Hey! What happened? No post since long?

Nazish Rahman said...

Thanks ya!!

@ Varsha Shrote
Oops//ya will b coming up with a new post very soon!!

sujata said...

very clearly put, Silence is golden, not just be silent, but inner silence, and the soothing of the chaotic thoughts that go on in the brain is what is important, we might at times look calm and quiet on the outside when actually there is a storm raging clam that is necessary. Congrats on the award!!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Sujata

Thanks Sujata...exactly what i meant!!