Saturday, September 19, 2009

Handle Your Relationships

We all are born in relationship and its with us from the time of our birth till the time we die. Relationships should survive the problems that we face in the day to day lives. Sometimes its better to keep a distance in order to keep the relationship. There can be times when one has to break a relationship when it becomes unbearable share the space with the person. Relationships main success mantra according to me is trust. I may be wrong but thats what i feel. If one does not have trust in a relationship, then problems are bound to happen and we decide break away from it when its not possible to carry on further with it as one starts to realize it as a burden.

Trust,love, space, mutual respect are important features in a relationship. Some how we tend to take it for granted and when a relation fails in any one of the category, the crack develops. Its very difficult to cover the cracks as once developed...always leaves a mark. When mistrust and insecurity makes their entry at the initial stages we tend to ignore them when they are small, and when it develops big enough to disturb us we are left with just one option...end it.

I have always felt that its conversations are the most important way of building a relationship. One needs to talk when he/she is supposed to. Keeping issues under the pillow will never solve your problem. One has face them. Someone said to me dont be honest when speaking the truth as it may hurt someone. Is it?? I doubt...these people according to me dont want to see the reality and want to live in a world that does not even exist. One rather try to not damage the relation more but by not replying to the questions that have come up and simply closing your eyes or putting blinkers wont solve your problem. One has to understand that you not being reactive to the situation is in a way creating more problems for the other person. In a relationship one is not alone...there are others also involved.

Relationship is something that cannot be forced, an depends on mutual respect. One should learn the fundamentals of the game, band aid remedies never last. Learn and know what is required to make your relationship healthy. Experience teaches you all but sometimes you can be too late to react. So its better to be proactive than reactive most of the times as far as relationships are concerned.


Eid Mubarak and Happy Durga Puja to all you bloggers!!! Enjoy the festive season!


Aparna said...

Relationships are built over a period of time. One needs to be patient and respect each other's views. You have to have faith and trust in each other and you also need to give each other a lot of space. Clinging on to somebody never works.
Eid Mubarak to you. Kolkata must be bustling with activity now. I wish I was there.

Kavi said...

Trust, love, mutual respect are the key. you are bang on there !

Greetings for a great festive season.. and year ahead

Regina said...

Hi Nazish. Thank for the birthday greetings.

Trust is essential.Wise words indeed! Great post.

kavita said...

Eid Mubarak and enjoy the Kolkatta air of Durga Puja.
You are right a clear communication is very essential in keeping a relation healthy and flourishing.As always a great thought in your post.

Neha said...

yet another post on relationship...

nice write touched the nerve here...mentioned most of the important aspects to have a successful relationship...just one point i wanna add doubt the communication is required, but sometimes you need that understanding where you do not have to convey ur feelings by words...

all in all, pretty neat post..:))

Deeps said...

will be back to read the post,Nazish..hopped by to wish you Eid Mubarak :)

Destiny's child... said...

Very true. It is important to be honest in a relationship. How else would one know if the other likes the relationship or not?
Btw, Eid Mubarak and Happy Durga Puja...:)

Mustaf said...

Ignoring reality and turning a blind eye to it is sufficient to crack a damage in any relationship. Only thing i want to add every relationship takes time to mature and what you saying (even though it is the truth) might have completely different impact depending at what stage in the relationship you are saying. Today i can say any damn thing to my best friend, but i guess the same would not work if i said any of those before we became best friends..

BTW Happy Eid & Durga Puja to you too :)And thanks for the reminder..I forgot to wish the same in my latest post on these festivals, adding it now itself :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Perceptive post. Relationships are like potted plants, you have to nurture them and take good care of them.

Eid mubarak and Pujor suvechcha to you, too.

SG said...

Nice one. Forgiving one another is one of the best ways to have a healthy relationship. It is letting go of the past and focusing on the present.

Happy Eid and Durga Puja to you too.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Aparna
Absolutely patience is the key..but its also not easy

@ Kavi
Thanks Kavi

@ Regina

@ Kavita
Thanks a lot Kavita...

@ Neha
Ya Neha i agree with u...sometimes communication has to b without words..

@ Deeps
Oh Thank you

@ Destiny's Child
Thanks :)!!

@ Mustaf
Ya Mustaf i agree..ypur absolutely right!!

@ Sucharita Sarkar
Well said...i agree we need to take care of them!!

@ SG
Ya SG forgiving is best way of a healthy relationship but dont u think sometimes its seen as a weakness by the other party!!

Mama Zen said...

Without trust a relationship is doomed.

Gayathri said...

I second your thoughts..honesty and trust are most important in any relationship..and each has to maintain the necessary individual space..but how far is it possible is the question..some things are better said..sometimes,we tend to over protect or over care the one,to the extent that all those would more or less become a burden in the relationship..
anyhow,eid mubarak and durga puja wishes..

numerounity said...

Hi Nazish

It is true that with growing age we have stopped appreciating the need and importance of strengthening relationships. Human being with machines have grown quite selfish and need focus that we have stopped understanding others.

But on this mubarak day of Id let us not get into what is positive but start the amazing festival with great respect and positivity.

Id mubarak!

Isn't it wonderful that all our festival are inter linked? We start with ramzan and end with Diwali? think about it :)

The Panorama said...

Eid Mubarak to you, Nazish. I have reached a point in my life where I no longer analyse relationships...but I agree with you that trust is very important in a relationship.

Your blog is really nice. I read some posts and will definitely be back to read more:)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Mama Zen
I agree!!

@ Gayathri
One should try their best to have a good relationship!!

@ numerounity
So true....its really interlinked so this really gives us the opportunity to enjoy this long festive season and its also a message from god as of being together n happy!!
well analysed :)

@ The Panorama
Thanks for visiting my blog...n do visit again!!
Sometimes time makes us analyse the relationship !!

The Holy Lama said...

I begin a relationship with your blog with this post. As you pointed out, there are many levels in which a relationship exists. Some cracks need quick reactions while others need time to heal. Patience and trust are the remedies.
But all said, all relationships are part of a larger whole, be it family or organization. Each reaction sets off others. So, the best guru through all is conscience+intellect. Foolish reactions sometimes leave us more in despair.

HaRy!! said...

well well another neat take on relationship...agree mutual trust is very important ...hmm but somehow the world around me is all of shabble relationships!! i'll send yur blog to prove a point! :)

Titaxy said...

all the points you make here are so, love, respect and space are really the key to a good relationship...nice post, NR

and hey, eid mubarak to you too :-)...have a great festive season

Dhanya said...

Loved the way you described your take on relationships!

Eid Mubarak :)

sm said...

trust is very important

Swatantra said...

Trust Love and Mutual Respect.. Wonderful words to live a wonderful life.. But sometimes it takes ages to understand the meaning of these small important words..

Nice post!! Happy festive season.. Your picture is beautiful!!

S B Tamare said...

very efficacious blog!
every things are well furnished.
over all,thoughts are profound. it means i have to haunt your blog very often.
thanks a lot.

Meira said...

Happy festival season :)
You in Kolkata? Gosh! How lucky. festivity is awesome there, right?

Jyothi said...

This is so true. A great post on relationships. Trust and truth are the basis of any relationship. Honesty in truth is very important. There is a way of saying things. If you are able to convey the truth the way it should be, then truth heals more than hurting...

Jyothi said...

Yikes! I forgot to wish. Eid Mubarak and enjoy Puja.

I was on a holiday. Just got back.Thats why the delay....

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Have a wonderful festival !! This post is really beautiful !!Unseen Rajasthan

Babli said...

Eid mubarak ho. Very nice and interesting post. You have portrayed very beautifully the different festivals of our country. Lovely post. Now everybody is in a festive mood. Wish you also a happy Durga Puja.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ The Holy Lama
Nice point and i agree with u!!
Hope u see u again

@ Hary
Thanks man !!

@ Titaxy
Hey thanks ya..

@ Dhanya
Thanks Dhanya!!

@ Sm
Thanks for dropping by :)

@ Swatantra
Thanks ya glad u liked it :)!!

@ S B Tamare
Oh thanks a lot ya!!! Thanks for dropping by!

@ Jyothi
Hey thanks ya and nice to see u back!! M sure u must hav enjoyed your holidays...looking forward for your post :)!!

@ Unseen Rajasthan
Thanks a lot!!

@ Babli
Hey thanks ya and happy Durga Puja to u to!!

bettyl said...

If more people knew how to communicate, there wouldn't be so many divorces.
Thanks for the post.

S B Tamare said...

I am notion of the whole gamut of human emotion from joy to despair having duo life should be called ‘marriage’. Invariability must redound to be failure.
In Indian culture woman has been constrained to live no longer in freedom as the culture is inspired by sordidness-full thought having raging appetite for sex. A profound view over the type of exploitation of woman emanates no more value than the route through that culture is recycling its sordid.
Until that point of time nothing seems to being changed, so long system does not get streamlined. Yet though, you seem to me right that the worth of correlative trust keep highest echelon between any two partners.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for nice comment.
And now finally I have decided to be swooping follower of your blog.

Kay said...

Very profound words you speak. With out trust, what else do we have?

sujata said...

faith trust, space, bad memory and lots of energy are the most important things, passion is overrated and resilience is underrated I think, we have to let go, we have to forgive, we have to trust, we have to forget and move on..we have to ne energetic enought to work at the relationship, to keep renewing it..a powerful thought for a post. Happy eid to you, we had an entire week of holidays here..hope you had a good time

Nazish Rahman said...

@ bettyl
I know...your right but somehow many dont apply it!!
Thanks for visiting my visit again!!

@ S B Tamare
Thabks again!!

@ Kay
Thanks a lot...i know without that there is no relationship!!

@ Sujata
Ya we need to move on....
thanks ya...n i hope u too enjoyed!!

ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

Yep!! Communication breaks the ice, we should never have the ego about who is going to break the silence, any way it is for good, so nothing wrong whoever initiates. Thanks for sharing this nice info.

asit dhal said...

"Relationship is something that cannot be forced, an depends on mutual respect. One should learn the fundamentals of the game, band aid remedies never last."

man u touched my I blog rolled u...

Varsha Shrote said...

It's good to see your post after a long long time. Very well written and expressed. Very broad-minded attitude. I like it. I share this attitude with you:)
It's very true that you need to have trust in any relationship, that's the foundation. And if it's strong, other things will follow automatically.Also we have to be very open and communicate as much as we can.It needs lot of effort but I guess it's worth it.Well written!Looking forwrd for more such beautiful insights:)
Belated Eid and Durga-Puja, Dussera wishes:)

Nazish Rahman said...

Asit, Varsha and Suffiz
thanks guys