Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Ego Within Us

We all have a permanent guest who stays within us. Its our ego that has occupied this space and comes into action whenever it feels it should. In some cases it sleeps all the time and is awake when it thinks is necessary. Ego is so big that it cannot fit anywhere but only in its inflated shadow or area. It exists in our unconscious and conscious mind and controls it.

Its presence makes it more difficult to accept the reality and ultimately results in actions that may not be correct but is convenient to us. In an attempt to not prove yourself wrong you go on with the decision that your unconscious mind has taken which is fully controlled by your ego thinking that its your conscious mind which has taken it. One may even realize their mistake but never confront with it. This is the phase where the ego in you is in absolute control. It never wins you friends nor your able to get peace when it has taken full control over you.

Human beings are bound to make mistakes, but to accept it is a big thing. Very few do. What really stops them for accepting it? Its fear of being proven wrong and having conditioned your mind that its an insult. Fear and Insult are the most powerful weapon of ego that makes us weak.

Presence of ego is not bad but its degree of presence and control on us it what makes its existence advantageous or disadvantageous for us. It is important to have self esteem, as a person without it misses the zing to succeed. Its a drive which is very powerful and helps the individual to be focussed on his goals. To achieve anything in life one has to be steadfast with their goal in life. Hurdles will come and does try to distract and destroy you but a person who uses this to his own advantage and in a positive way ultimately achieves success without damaging your conscience.

Lets try and take control of ourselves rather than being controlled. Learn to recognize the ego!


Neha said...

ahem, here comes NR with his ego...

well narrated...you have included almost all the aspects and cons of having an ego here...there is indeed a very thin line between ego and self esteem...person who learns to differentiate between these two things, can control his ego..nice post :)

Mustaf said...

It was a nice reading, covered almost everything..

Ego also comes our way when it comes to learning. We become hesitant asking something to our junior which we don't know, and when some one asks us something unknown, in stead of admitting it and then trying to acquire the knowledge, we just try to be smart and either bypass it somehow, or bluff abt it, least we realize that we are the only looser here:(

kavita said...

EGO must GO...point noted.NR...you always come up with very delicate subjects explained in a balanced way...kudos to you.

Swatantra said...

Amazing thoughts!!

Ego needs to be recognized.. that's the important part.. You have written wisely...

Thanks for sharing.. i wanted to vote u for the RCB challenge.. what is the procedure...

satarupa said...

Good thinking Nazish!!!!
Ego must be transformed into will power to achieve the best in life.Ego when used in a positive way generates positive energy..... but when used otherwise pulls us down the ladder of life. We should learn tame our ego and not let our ego rule us.

Titaxy said...

good one, NR...well put, we shud all recognize ego and learn to let go of it...life becomes much simpler that way :-)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Neha
Thanks Neha....there are some advantages too of having an ego, all depends on how we utilize it.
Ya your right there is a very thin line between ego n self esteem...great point!!

@ Mustaf
Thanks Mustaf....knowledge is something which should be welcome from any source and your right our ego should not come in between!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Kavita
Thanks a lot mam!!!

@ Swatantra
Thanks Swatantra!!
So sweet of u Swantantra...but now the voting is over!! Never mind u thought of voting for me...that was more than enough, i got your vote :)

@ Satrupa
Thanks a lot ya....i agree with u!!

@ Titaxy
Thanks ya...absolutely life becomes simpler n better :)

Dhanya said...

Ego. Ugh. The cause of SO many problems, I tell you! :|

sujata said...

very well put. Ego is the toughest to let go, half the time we dont know that we have an ego

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Fantastic Article !! This is absolutely True !! Great Post..And thanks for the lovely comments on my Blog Too !!Unseen Rajasthan

Nazish Rahman said...

Yes i agree the cause of so many problems.

@ Sujata
Thanks Sujata....we somehow dont know that it has full access and control over us, n thats dangerous!!

@ Unseen Rajasthan
Thanks ya...

Jyothi said...

Hmm.. Ego must Go. Kavita is right. You do manage to select very delicate topics. And do full justice to them. I wish I had such clarity in thoughts.

Deeps said...

Wow that was an insightful post.You must have an ego,I feel,but you should never allow it to over power you.
very well written post,nazish :)

Babli said...

Lovely and interesting post. You have portrayed the fact of life. Ego is such a thing which a person should control and never let it happen.

SG said...

Nice and interesting post Nazish.

To control ego, we should be beware of the boundaries. There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

The Holy Lama said...

Recently Wipro came out with a series of laptops branded Ego. Our firm did a lauch message for the dealers which was very well accepted. It projected Ego as positive and as an expression of I. Ego causes problems only when it becomes suppression or subjugation to others.
Thanks for thought provoking posts:)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Ego, to me is a necessary evil. It cam motivate you to personal success and it can become a barrier in relationships.


Destiny's child... said...

Ego can play havoc with our life. You are so right. You sound like a very insightful person. Are you? :)

Zeba said...

Quite a thought provoking post. I needed this!! Thanks.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Jyothi
Thanks ya...lolz we all have clarity of thought dont we!!

@ Deeps
Thanks Deeps...one should use it to their own advantage!!

@ Babli
Thanks ya...your right we should control or else they'll control!!

@ SG
I agree with ya definitely!!

@ The Holy Lama
So true !!

@ Sucharita sarkar
It actually depends on how we use it.

@ Destiny's Child
Thanks for your lovely comments.
Time is the best teacher!!

@ Zeba
Hey thanks Zeba!!

sm said...

well narrated.

Babli said...

Please accept your award from my blog -

asit dhal said...

Ego is like money. It's important for life. But if controls u, then u r dead !!!

ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

Well said!! unfortunately the egoist is the biggest looser, he/she wont be able to move around friendly cos of this hurdle. Thanks for sharing this info NR.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Sm

@ Babli
Thanks or that award!!

@ Ait dhal
wow...well said man!!

@ Suffix
Yup they are definitely the biggest looser !

JD said...

Ego ruins people's lives. It comes easily and stays on till it spells doom.. liked the post..

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Nazish Rahman said...

@ JD Thanks ya for your lovely comments!!