Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trust Him

We do experience something that makes our belief in God more strong. Even those who are agnostic somewhere believe there exists a superpower.A power that is beyond human imagination. People of different religion address this power with different names, and those who dont follow any believe it as a power which is above all.

We as human beings are the most greedy and unsatisfied creatures that this planet has ever seen. We somehow only tend to believe something which shows us results first. If things are going well and we are happy we believe in God and if it isn't we somehow question its existence. Your wish is answered then our believe in him is more than what it used to be, but if not questions start developing.

No one has seen God, but somehow we all have at some stage of our life have felt its existence. You sometimes see miracles happening around you out of no where, is where its sure that God was present there. No one can see him. You can understand and feel his existence. The incidents are the proof of his existence as we are so fond of evidence. Its like there is a limit what we can see and what our instrument (sense) allows us to see. Then you can come with this conclusion that you will not give any attention to anything which is not within your sense or experience, or what your naked eyes can see. If this is so then consider yourself to be a teacher. If your students say to you that they will study your scientific findings only when you make them realize the results first. Then your reaction to this definitely be that the students would have to go through a learning process first then only they would come to the findings.

Trust is what is important in every relationship. No matter what relationship you talk about a degree of trust has to exist. One has to trust God and its existence.


Meira said...

i always feel people become atheists and agnostics because of the various rituals and traditions...that were initiated for a purpose, but most of which have lost the purpose now! SO people can't explain why they do certain things.

Neha said...

take a bow NR...fantastic post..your best work so far...very well narrated and very mature post...I am for the first time lacking have put ur heart and soul in this one...kudos :)

Zeba said...

woah. awesome. very different from what u usually write i feel.

i totally agree with you about trust being VERY important in a relationship

kavita said...

Wow....i am impressed by the clarity of your thoughts.Very beautifully presented.Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Trust IS the most important thing in a relationship. Everything in life is based on it actually. Good Post.

Deepika said...

I agree!! Truly said... Faith is important in any relationship.... :) :)

But then inconsistancy and impatience is human nature.. specialy when one is in trouble.... But i know those are the testing times so one shuold try to remain calm and trust is important :)

Kavi said...

Trust is central to life and living. And trusting in God and his presence is just an extension of life and living itself.

God takes many forms, but to be present in the moment, is perhaps the most powerful form of life and living !

Well written.

Swatantra said...

That's right!! One has to trust!! I liked the picture on the post!!

Awesome and true...

Mama Zen said...

The more that you believe that God is there, the more proof you will find.

SG said...

Excellent Nazish.

(Late) Kannadasan, one of the greatest tamil poet and film song writer, was a staunch athiest and became a believer in God. In his final days, he wrote:

Nan Naathigan Anane avan Bayapadavillai
Nan Aathigan Anane avan Agapadavillai
Hare Rama Hare Krishna

(I became an athiest..He was not afraid of me. I became a believer..I could not find Him. Hare Rama Hare Krishna)

HaRy!! said...

Real goood post NR... well weird enuf i do not believe in Idol Worship , but i always have this immense TRUST and belief that there is GOD....hats off :)

Nazish Rahman said...

Can be if those rituals and traditions dont make any sense!!

@ Neha
Thanks a lot...but m not as good as u guys!!!

@ Zeba
Thanks Zeba...

Thanks a lot mam!!

@ Jyothi
So true...everything revolves around it.

@ Deepika
Thats the human nature but there's always room for development!!

@ Kavi
Thanks...i totally agree with u!!

@ Swatanta

@ Mama Zen
Belief is important here.

@ SG
Thanks SG....that was nice!!

@ Hary far as we believe and trust him thats important...i agree!!

ABID said...

nice post...

mark said...

i agree with the points!!

BPOTW said...

Faith certainly abounds in everyone but the direction it takes is what's important.
Great post.

shilpa said...

everyword said is true.We believe god when something goes right and question its existence when it goes wrong well said

Destiny's child... said...

Yes, it is only when we witness something, nothing less than a miracle, that we really come to believe in God. Nice post Nazish. :)

KB said...

Ya gotta have faith my friend.

Regina said...

God is wonderful!
Nice writing . So deep.
Happy weekend Nazish.

Gayathri said...

So very i said in a previous post,somethings are tangible..some are not..god is an intangible can only be felt,not seen..
very well substantiated :)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Abid

@ Mark

Thanks for stopping by..i agree with your points!!

@ Shilpa
Thanks Shilpa, we should change!!

@ Destiny's child
Agreed ...thanks for visiting!!

@ KB
M trying my best :)!!

@ Regina

@ Gayatri
Your so correct...God can be felt, not seen!!

Babli said...

I liked your post so much that I cannot express you in words. One of your best post. You have presented very beautifully and I am speechless.

Aparna said...

Well said. Faith is the basis of every relationship...and just because I have not seen God does not mean he/she does not exist. I have immense faith is the law of nature, in every thing that is true and good and every thing that is pure. To me, that is God.
Every time I think of God, I can't help but recall Kabir's immortal lines....'Mo ko kahan dhoonde re bande main toh tere paas mein, na mandir mein na masjid mein na kaabe kailas mein"...He also goes on to say. "kahat kabir suno bhai sadho, main to hoon viswas mein".
Amazing, isn't it?

Usha said...

Humankind believes that there is something of a higher caliber,we just call it different names :)

Great Post.


Miss M said...

Actually, I beg to differ.

Trust in God is one thing, but I don't relate it to having faith in your relationships.

Trust IS important in every relationship, yes. BUT, I don't think one has to have faith in God to have faith in general.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Babli
Thankyou so much...i appreciate!!

@ Aparna
Oh was amazing, u remember it. It is so true...its really words of wisdom!!

@ Usha
Thanks a lot Usha!!

@ Miss M
Well i think trust n faith really go side by side as both complement each other!!

Anonymous said...

your post reminds me of one goes like this."once a man questioned 'if God is everywhere why do we make temples??'.He got a reply 'We all know air is everywhere but still we need fan."

nice post!!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

God is a matter of personal faith and, as you have so well put it, TRUST. Very well-written post.

Deeps said...

again one of your thoughtprovoking posts!!
I do believe in God,Nazish..I do believe that there is some power which binds me or controls me in life.I firmly believe despite having different names God is one.
And it will be so much better if we understood that and refrain ourselves from giving Him names in the name of religion.We'll be demeaning the very existence of God by doing that.

brilliant post as always :))

Swatantra said...

Congrats! you have received the Humane award. Please check my blog and collect your award.
Happy blogging!!!!

sujata said...

Faith heals what theories cannot. God is faith, either you have it or you dont. very well put thoughts NR.

Varsha Shrote said...
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sm said...

interesting post

Nazish Rahman said...

@wishes galore
your so correct!!!

@ Sucharita Sarkar

@ Deeps
I agree..everyone has his or her own way of believing!!

@ Swatantra

@ Sujata

@ Varsha Shrote
Welcome to my blog!!
If being afraid helps...then its good!!

@ Sm