Friday, July 17, 2009


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Here goes the list of 12 things I would like to achieve in my twenties….

1. First I would like to be in the list on upcoming Business Entrepreneur in Forbes magazine...sounds great!!!

2. Would love to have a group of companies under the name Nazish Rahman Group of Companies.

3. To have Rolls Royce Phantom, Audi RS4, BMW M6 Convertible, Hummer H3X...goes!!!

4. To be a Member of Parliament need to clean the dirt there!!

5. Invest a decent part of my money in helping the weaker sections of the society.

6. To be the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) president. M mad for cricket and would love to improve the domestic structure of Indian Cricket.

7. To be respected wherever i go.

8. To be the most eligible!!

9. Keep my parents happy which is equal to their blessings!!

10. To go on a space tour...its exciting!!

11. Health is be fit.

12. To be always lucky...even if i dont have these...i'll be lucky to get them back!

These are what came in my mind first..12 things that i would like to achieve in my twenties...

I am tagging


Neha Thakkar Silam

Dr. Chandana Shekar


and to all my fellow bloggers who may hav crossed their twenties but still r in their twenties at heart.

take care....god bless u all!!!!!


Deepika Gupta said...

yayy!! m first one to comment...:D

Interesting replies... :) :)
the best one is that BCCI president :) perfect!!
kuchh bhala ho jayega cricket ka bhi :)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Deepika

hahaha...definitely bhala hoga !!!

shilpa said...

it would be intersting to see you going to space tour i might come even though i havecrossed my 20

Sakshi said...

Wah what a list...Forbes magazine and then we will have to see you hanging around with Britney Spears and Paris sir you are doing quiet good here hanging around with us...

The only thing I would want to achieve in my twenties is to stay 17 the way I have been doing for the last few years. I tell you it's quiet a task what with all the maintenance required for the brain!!

Psst psst when you have your group of companies please give this H4 wife a job ok??

SG said...

Super blog. I hope God gives you Item # 12 always. If you have that, the first 11 items will come to you very easily.

Kavi said...

Interesting take ! Hmm. I guess item # 12 counts !


Nice blog you have here mate !

Meira said...

Amen :P

Neha said...

well, quite an interesting take all r very much fine, but in case of BCCI president, u wil ve to share tht space...with me of course.. ;)

cars, forbes, entrepreneurship etc all can b enjoyed by multiple number of ppl, so thts all rite...lolzzz..

thanks for the tag...wil post my answers soon...

Aparna said...

The group of companies sounds interesting. Once you have that, then the cars, offers for marriage, offers from political parties, offer from BCCI and every other offers will pour in.
Blessing from your parents you will have always I am sure.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Shilpa

lol..your most welcome!!!

@ Sakshi

hahaha...hanging around with them would be interesting and only make me a part of their controversies!!!!

lol..job hope its not recession time then too haha!!

@ SG

Thanks SG....yup i agree with u!!


Hey thanks Kavi


Thanks for visiting my blog again meira!!!

@ Neha m smarter, only after appointing myself as Patron n Chief of the board i'll appoint u the!!!

yup waiting for your post!!!

@ Aparna

Yup your absolutely right Aparna.

swatantra said...

That's cute!!

I wish you good luck!!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Swatantra

Thanks a lot swatantra!!

Miss M said...

"To have Rolls Royce Phantom, Audi RS4, BMW M6 Convertible, Hummer H3X..."

Please call me once you've achieved this one. Would love to ride in one/all of these fabulous cars! :D

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Miss M

hahaha...oh definitely only if your boyfriend has no!!!

Regina said...

Wow. Nothing is impossible.
Dream big.


JD said...

:-)wow!! your own group of companies and a name in the forbes list is surely something to look frward to..

All the best and may all ur drems come true..

Nazish Rahman said...
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Nazish Rahman said...

@ Regina

Thanks ya!!

@ JD

Thanks...i hope even all your dreams come true too!!

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true 20ish person. Wish you all the best!!!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Jyothi

Thanks for your visit again!!!

Usha said...

Woah...Become a Member of Parliament!! Would love to see some changes...

Good luck and all the best with all of the 12 wishes!!

You rock Naz ;)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Usha

Thanks a lot!!