Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tough Times

Tough times never leave you the way they found you. Some change will be there and its really difficult for you as well as the people around you to accommodate that. Most people go through this phase in their life....some early while others later. There are tough times that come and go and some which just stick to u as though they have found their loved one.

Tough times sometimes are a blessing in disguise as it helps us to know ourselves and make necessary changes. Tough times either makes or break a person. I have always believed that a persons character is built during this difficult phase of his life. Its the change that has come in his life which he never expected nor did had he ever welcomed it. Yes tough times are always associated with change and change with inconvenience. We all love to be in our comfort zone but when removed from it...its really difficult to adjust.

These are difficult days that a person goes through where though being with everyone he is still all alone. No one understands you, the house that used to be yours...now seems your staying in someone else's house. Nothing goes right, frustration creeps in which leads to anger and self destruction. These are some things which most of the time accompany these tough times.

Now it here the decision of the individual to choose what he wants to go with. Surrender easily to the situation or fight this battle all alone with only his self belief with himself. Its a tough battle. People who go with the second option are the ones who build their character. This helps them to face further challenges in future where as people who surrender to the situation never reach the next level of their lives and end up as failures. Changes will happen, its just that we have to come out of our comfort zone and be ready to face it. Those who are ready to face it never face any problem while those who dont have a hard time adjusting to change.

Change is a natural phenomenon, one has to be ready for it and keep moving in life.


Kavi said...

Change is the essence of it all. And either the environment changes or the individual changes to stay in tune with his / her goals or with the environment !

"Tough times dont last. Tough people do", is the name of book. But it mighty well applies to life.

Yes stay tuned to change !


Priya said...

First, thanks for cisitng my blog and leaving the sweet comment there..and eventually it has led me to this blog and i am happy to read such a profound post on my first visit here...

Change is the only constant , dude, as they say...so trying to be in sync is the only option left..so cheers.!!!

Keep writing...and keep visiting...:D

Meira said...

yup. Change is inevitable! But there are some people who thrive in change and enjoy it.

Aparna said...

Change....but for the better.
Thats my motto in life. Tough times actually bring out the best in you. If you can successfully navigate it, you come out stronger and more confident.
Great write-up.

Neha said...

very well summarised...if things or situations remain constant or unchanged, we start neglecting them...so change is indeed inevitable...now it depends on us how we take this change...one of the ways to face any situation is a positive attitude...

once again a splendid post from ur end...keep writing..:)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Kavi

Oh ya i've read that book its interesting!!!

@ Priya

Thanks for sharing your thoughts....do visit again!!

@ Meira

Your right...this is the best option i think

@ Aparna

Absolutely...its just that never ever give up, dosen't matter how tough it is!!

@ Neha

Thanks a lot Neha...your right its how we perceive the situation!!!

SG said...

Nice blog. I agree that a person's character is built during tough times. Also, change for better is always good.

Sakshi said...

I believe in what Aparna said that tough times actually bring in the best in you...and I always thought of myself as a fighter...lolz

Great post and are you having a tough time now?? just to let you know we blogger friends are always there

PS: Y the Salman Khan pic???

Nazish Rahman said...

@ SG
Thanks for your comments !!

@ Sakshi
Thankyou so much Sakshi..your so good!!!
lol...first that pic shows how angry n irritated a person can get when nothing goes his way....n second is that m a fan of Salman Khan, so got an opportunity to post his pic on my blog!!

Sakshi said...

well when I was a tenny weeny little girl I too was a Sallu fan..ahem..not anymore though after seeing his antics and weird hair ;)...now I adore Johnny Depp!!

Neha said...

me too a big johny depp fan...had to mention it :-)..lolzzz

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Sakshi & Neha

poor sallu just for his weird hair he lost a fan of his..lol!!!
Jonny Depp is by far a superior actor than most of our bollowood stars..so not right to compare them.

KB said...

Yes, everyone has tough times, it's how we react and learn from them that is the true test. :)

Swatantra said...

Tough times dont last. Tough people do.. Any change effects the change in us us..

Nice write up!!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ KB

I agree with u!!

@ Swateanta

definitely if effects us!

numerounity said...


My first time here. I Must say your's is a well written blog and like the way you linked toughness with change, character and life.

Agree that tough times makes or breaks people. Also what does not kill us, makes us tougher!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ numerounity

Thanks a lot!!!

Yup your right it really makes us tougher

Anonymous said...

I agree with Numerounity...What doesn't kill us makes us tougher.

Are you on the verge of a decision making. God, do I know how that feels.Pros and cons. Which path to choose.

My advice. Listen to your heart. Only that remains with you forever. Nothing else does.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Jyothi

Thanks Jyothi...your right buts its difficult as u know!!!

Regina said...

So true.
I have to read it again and again:)
Great post!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Regina
Thanks a lot!! :)

Varsha Shrote said...

I guess to survive in this fast-changing world,we need to adapt.That's how evolution works!
Anyway, cool photo of hot Salman;)