Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cherish if you're living...You never know tomorrow you may be living a dead #Life !!!

In search of tomorrow many have missed yesterday and skipped tomorrow. At some point of our journey of life we come across reality. Accepting this is never easy but the fact is there is no other option but to accept and move forward. The more we crib and think about it, it just opens the Pandora of hidden pain.
Reality is ugly but the good part of it is it never comes with false promises. Its all about dealing with this all alone, no point in running here and there to share the pain. No one is there to give you a shoulder when you "really" require it. This is the phase which either makes you or breaks you. What ultimately matters now is how you want to see yourself, a looser or a winner who won after defeating all the hurdles time exposed you too. Sometimes you got to be tough even tough its ends up hurting someone or even you. Its just a temporary phase where you are coming across a new YOU. Some may have problems with it, but who cares. Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realise that nothing really belongs to them. When it was lost you even lost those very friends and relatives. Lost opportunities, lost possibilities, feelings we can never get back again. That’s part of what it means to be alive maybe at times. Life seems sometimes like nothing more than a series of losses, from beginning to end.Only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything. Some moments are just meant to be when life hits rock bottom. Its asks you a lot of questions...questions which you don't have any answer to it. Still you got to stand up and face the heat. In this process you may not be the same person what you were but the fact is everything comes with an expiry date. So cherish if you're living...You never know tomorrow you may be living a dead LIFE. Things/ Problems may seem like calculus..all un coded.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Politics of India

This post has also been published on an e-magazine called N-zine
It was great to be a part of this lovely magazine as one of the contributors!!
The post is Politics of India

The politics of India has gone down over the years. There's no respect for politicians in front of the people. No one buys what the politicians of which ever party come up with. They are all people of the same pool. The entire political structure of our country is messed up and entry for right deserved people are blocked..barrier to new entrants is the board that is always there. Even the discipline in the House is unmanageable.

According to the report, the cost of per minute spent on parliament when in session is Rs 34,500. The cost of per hour goes to Rs 20. 7 lakh and the cost of the whole day goes to Rs 1.55 crore. There are so many disruptions and if one watches the parliament sessions one will definitely get irritated as watching on whom their money is being spent. The standard of questions in the question hour round has gone down all because of the kind of candidates the parties come up with. The Rajya Sabha tickets are given to people who have been loyal to the party and not that they deserve it.

We are called the next big thing to arrive on the international platform, but we are also a nation where the Central government is put to back foot or is blackmailed to the unethical demands of the allies. The multi party coalition is the culprit here. Its this multi party coalition system that had led to more corruption, regional based petty politics and most important making the central government weak. We are really a unique democracy where the performance of a national party is directly dependent in a regional party.

Take for example the railway ministry...something that seems to be a ministry for the small regional party who helps the national party to form the government. This is wrong as ministry should be given to those people who are capable of handling it. Its like a reward for helping to form the government.

Some regional parties that help more regionalism while some play the caste and communal politics. There are some politicians who consider themselves to be iconic which they are no way making statues. The UP govt had spent 10,000 crore on statues and memorials.

India today needs political stability to send the right signal to the international community.A situation where allies within the ruling coalition continue elbowing the largest party in the Lok Sabha will not help India to be where it wants to be. The government should work with the opposition and vise versa. Its only here we see both on opposite ends no matter how serious the issue is.

Corrupt candidates should not be encouraged to contest elections as the law has to be strict and the party that gives them tickets should also be penalized.There are plenty of MP'S who have a long list of criminal cases. Election Commission should be entrusted with more powers so as to stop all the violations these political party do.

By Nazish Rahman

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Managing Knowledge

There are some people who take undue pride in knowledge as they begin to think that they know everything. They think that they are always right and even expect others to think so…like having yes men around us. When they are overcome with pride knowledge, they are not prepared to listen to anyone.

Human beings often block the entry of knowledge if they consider themselves to be very knowledgeable. These people simply do not try to understand what the other person is saying. They are actually in their own zone and everyone else looks small to them. The moment one tries to showcase its knowledge is sure that this virus has infected him.

Even if they go to an enlightened knowledgeable person who can show us the way, the pride of knowledge will stand in between. One starts judging everything according to his or her own intellect. One does everything according to what they like and dislike. Taking only what goes with his/her preconceived ideas. A person being in this frame of mind is at more disadvantage. Pride of knowledge keeps people from realising more knowledge from others.

Its then when one starts to have opinion on each and everything without realizing that this behavior of theirs may hurt someone depending on which stage that person is going through. A person with mind set is always associated with pride of power. Pride of more knowledgeable than others more control on others. These people try to determine the lives and faith of others around them.

The more they stick to this mindset, the more they are at disadvantage. Knowledge is just like a software as one need to keep it updated, otherwise your lagging behind and of no use. We need to treat everyone equally and always be ready to listen, which is more important. As its said that one who knows the price of everything…knows the value of nothing !! One should know how to utilize their knowledge and gain more.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking Care

Imagine LiFE as a game in which you are juggling some Four balls in the air. WORK,FAMILY,HEALTH and FRIENDS and one is keeping all of these in the air.

Work is like an ordinary ball as if u drop it will definitely bounce….may be back or somewhere else depends how it was dropped down. On the other hand the other three are quite different balls not like the ordinary ones. These are balls made of glass. Now if anyone them is dropped it definitely gets damaged, marked or broken. One thing for sure is the outcome of this action is that it will never be the same again no matter how hard u try to get it back to shape. If broken then no way you can even see its shape again.

Health is wealth which we all know and if its not with you then you are bound to loose all….your family, friends and job.

Family is something which gives strength to you to fight with the tough times and the real world that we live in. Same can be said with friends as they too become an integral part of your battle with time. A backstab from anyone of the parties really weakens and it becomes tough to survive in this battle of yours. Though betrayal of friends does not harm one to that level as betrayal of family. It all actually depends on how much dependent you had been on either of the two parties. One who has the support of either of the two, the game becomes easier as compared to battling alone in an injured state.
One nearly should nearly take utmost care in not letting either of these ball break. If broken it really takes time to heal and sometimes its too late by the time you recover. TRUST is the thing that protects these two balls from getting either broken or shattered or damaged no matter how hard it is thrown or exposed. Sometimes you may not understand the significance of these two in your life but when lost it hurts…and if you are hurt by these the pain one experiences is something which may leave you all alone and so weak that it may take years for you to get up and face the battle , by the time it may be too late.
One solution to it is also not to give your remote control to either of the parties but its hard to do so as we human beings are born with some emotions. Without emotion I think you cant be considered a human being. Family and friends should be taken utmost care off and should never even be taken for granted, its where you loose the battle or game.

** After nearly a long break m back to the blogging world……was busy with some work of mine. I know have missed a lot of great stuff from you guys, and hope to catch up all very soon.

Thanks ,
Nazish Rahman

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mysore Trip Pics...!!

Recently visted Mysore which is 180 km from Bangalore as we went on a bike. On a single day we coverd a distance of about more than 360 km ..and believe me it was wonderful and a lovely experience. Though we got tired nad pain was there for a week but it was worth it. Just sharing some pics of that trip with you guys!!

Mysore Road..early @ 5!! Lovely foggy view we got to see!!

Accident which happened..highway n accident go together!!

Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace Garden!!

The lovely Mysore Palace...its awesome...very beautiful!! One should not miss this!! We were not allowed to take pics inside and were supposed to submit our camera and even had to take out our shoes to enter the palace. It was but too of the best things i've seen!!

Tomb Of Tipu Sultan

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Relationship at what cost!!

When love depends on what we do and what we dont then the flow of our relationship definitely gets disturbed.When in a relationship conditions or rules overshadow love then naturally love fails. If too many conditions and rules are laid in a relationship then too much mind comes into a relationship. The beauty and charm of relationship is lost the moment rules are laid in a relationship. A healthy relationship demands smooth flow of love without any type of conditioning and requires a healthy understanding.

If conditions prevail then it results in insecurity and exit of trust. One then starts to feel that its not him that is being appreciated or like but his actions. He is loved for following the rules and reacting according to way the other person wants him to. As long as he follows those rules things go fine externally but the moment one deviates from enters a negative change in the relationship. One stops not enjoying the company and not living the moment but only dragging the going nowhere relationship as long as he can drag it.

Another type is that one does anything and everything in order to please the other person no matter if one looses his self respect, values , principles or himself. One then starts living the way what pleases the other person in order to be in that company or relationship.

A relationship is according to me is what you do and what you dont, it does not bring any changes in your relationship. One has the room and freedom in being in that relationship. Anywhere if ones self respect is at stake then that relationship needs to be corrected. All depends on the individual as to at what cost he want to carry on the relationship.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Free are we!!

In the past few days i have been frequently asking myself "How free i am?" We often believe that we have free will. We can do anything we wish like if we want to want to eat a cake instead of pizza we can. If we want to wear jeans instead of a trouser we can. We can travel wherever we want, if we want to take off from work, we can. All these looks free.

All choices that we make are thinking that we are exercising our free will. What ever we do is all determined by our conditioning and heritage. We have no choice over our parents so we get what we are gifted with. Also from childhood we are exposed to conditioning and self belief of what is right and what is wrong. As an adult we become a mixture of conditioning and heritage. All our decisions and choices and thoughts come out from the mixture of our conditioning and genetics, so what ever we do is a by product of these mixture.

So what we consider our will or freedom is somehow a slave of conditioning and genetics of ours. Whatever we were told as what is right and what is wrong we tend to believe it because of the conditioning of our childhood.

True freedom can come only by un conditioning ourselves. If we can do this we can have freedom of thoughts and respond freely.