Sunday, January 10, 2010

Intra Relationship

Life is a series of relationships. The primary relationship that we share is with ourself. I can only give what i have. If i have wisdom i can share wisdom. If i have prosperity or poverty then thats what i can share with others. If i dont love myself then how can i expect others to love myself. If i ma not able to accept myself then how can i expect others to accept me and understand me.

The way we perceive is just a reflection of how we perceive ourself. We measure only the world by the measure we measure ourself or the standards we have set. Thats why its important to live and let live. If we dont know how to live then how can we allow others to live. Thats why "live" comes before and then "let". So i think we should first get our relationship with ourselves right and then only attempt to get our relationship with others right.

To have a healthy relationship with one should try to to first have a healthy relationship with ourself than try to have a better balanced relationship with others. If we are successful with having a successful relationship with ourselves then naturally healthy relationship with others and happiness may be a by product of it.

* I was not able to post any posts in these two months as i was a bit busy. Missed you bloggers a lot!! Will be active from on!!


SG said...

Welcome back to active blogging Nazish.

You are right. We should first get our reationship in ourselves right.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! Happy New year!

Loving oneself is the toughest thing to do....I totally agree on the "LIVE and LET LIVE" part!!

KB said...

We missed you. We cannot begin to truely love others until we love ourselves.

Aparna said...

Welcome back, where did you disappear? Loving oneself is the most important thing, unless we learn to respect and love oneself, we can not give 100% to a relationship.

SUFFIX said...

Welcome back Nazish, Glad to see you, Wish you a happy 2010. It is true, one should love ourselves cent percent, then share and show it to others.

Neha said...

welcome back NR..

nice post..loving one's own self is more important if you want to be loved and accepted..

The Panorama said...

Welcome Nazish, as usual you have written a philosophical post.
The relation to the self is the most important, I agree but this self is also developed in relation to other key figures in your life. To love yourself is not always easy. I know people who have struggled to love themselves and maybe they will never learn to do so.

However, you are absolutely right that loving oneself is very important, since the most important relationship one has is with self.

Welcome back:)

numerounity said...

Nice and very true. It is very important to know ourselves and pursue the relation with us first. This helps us in making better relation with others too.

Manju said...

heyyy happy new year! partied hard? ;)
anyway welcome back and you'e right. a healthy relationship with oneself is really important

Kavi said...

Glad to have you back here ! Look forward to more of your posts..!


The Holy Lama said...

Wise words after a long time. Where were you, in the Himalayas, rediscovering self?

Babli said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.
I appreciate for your wonderful post.

Prerna said...

The way see the problem is the problem...
very well said.. fantabulous...

Destiny's child... said...

Welcome back NR!
I thought you left blogdom..nice to see you back and it feels great to read stuff that oozes positivity. :)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ SG
Thanks SG

@ Jyothi
Thanks :))

@ KB
I too missed u'll!!

@ Aparna
Thanks Aparna...was a bit busy!!

@ Suffix
Sam to u ya!!

@ Neha
Thanks Neha...

Thanks ya...i agree your points too

@ numerounity
Ya without knowing ourselves its impossible to have a successful relationship with others.

@ Manju
Lol...yup parties and i hope u too partied a lot.

Thanks Kavi !!

@The Holy Lama
Lolz...not in the Himalayas but in Bangalore!!

@ Babli
Thanks Babli :)!!

@ Prerna
Thanks Prerna...

@ Destiny's child
Thanks...i will never leave bloggers world, missed your blogs too!!

Anonymous said...


sm said...

welcome back
interesting article

Rajlakshmi said...

those are wonderful thoughts on life and relationship... its true that if we don't love ourselves how will be be able to love others... beautiful post :)

Manju said...

i very respectfully DEMAND some updates
lolzzzz ;)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Sm

@ Rajlaxmi
Thanks ya...n welcome to my visit again!!

@ Manju
lol...what kind of updates!!

Nandlal Kumar said...

Great wordings.... Keep writing....

Anonymous said...

hi Nazish,

first time coming here. good blog of yours.

interested so much on this post. might need your simple examples in life on these lines :
'get our relationship with ourselves','have a healthy relationship with ourself'

need to learn a lot for my intra relationship, i guess. :)