Sunday, November 1, 2009

Believe In Yourself

How much do we feel in control of the events that takes place in our life? Some believe that its them who are responsible for whatever happens in our lives while there are some who believe that its not them but destiny.

Those who think that whatever happens to them is all because of fate.. in a way try to not face the fact that its them who is responsible. They dont want to be realistic.On the other hand those who think that their success or failure depends solely on the efforts and not on luck are generally people who have confidence on their abilities. They are not shy from taking responsibility. Those who fall under this category are hardworking and are always open to take help so as to improve.

Those who believe as whatever happens its all because of luck...will never work hard. On the other hand those who believe in their abilities and take the responsibilities will always work hard. They will never complain. These kind of people are more open to new ideas and always eager to learn. On the contrary those who rely on fate are reluctant to seek help for problems as they think they anyways have no control over them. This can lead to more problems for them.

Belief in yourself is the most important thing in life as this is what gives one the power to fight against odds. Its also an important part a person character. One has to be realistic too as that luck does play a role but to some extent. There are somethings in life that is beyond are control but to succumb under those situations is sign of weakness. One should try what he or she can do best. If one tends to think that his efforts will only get him where he wants to, then you tend to become neurotic.

God also helps those who help themselves and not those who simply rely on him.


ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

//God also helps those who help themselves and not those who simply rely on him.//

Thats a nice information, thank you NR

Usha said...

Sometimes, believing in fate or destiny limits the amount of effort one is capable of putting into a task.

In my opinion, fate can be defeated.
And yes to agree with your post; believing in the self and working with that belief further affirms the idea that some things need not necessarily be the way they were meant to be :)


Manju said...

believing in oneself is definitely essential for achievement, all the rest will follow. as paolo coelho said, “When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” love that saying ^^
thanks for the wishes Nazish :)

Kavi said...

Believing in oneself is perhaps the first step towards success ! Without that, nothing else happens !

No matter what ! And that belief attracts everything ! Including oodles of luck !

SG said...

Nice post. There is no point in blaming your fate for all the bad things and do nothing. There is a line in a Tamil poem. It says: Thannai nambum dhairiyam irundhal naalenna pozhudhenna. Translation: If you are brave enough to believe in yourself, you don’t need to look for auspicious times to do things.

Neha said...

believe and achieve - I strongly believe in this mantra...luck and destiny are just state of mind and nothing else...when you are doing something, just do it with the belief that u will b successful. execute anything and everything with a positive thought, and everything will fall at its place...

nice post :)

Destiny's child... said...

Now this is a very apt post for me to comment on. Isn't it? Well, as 'Destiny's Child' I get destiny to shape everything my way (since i am her child;))!
Yes, it is we who write our destiny. :)

sujata said...

great thoughts, and what a lovely quote to share. I love the inspirational tone of your blog.

Manju said...

i have a little award for you on my blog! go and see, chop chop!

kavita said...

Believing in self should be our mantra of living....reminds me the lines we were taught in school...

tu zinda hai to jindazi ki zeet pe yakin kar,agaar kahin hai swarg to utaar laa zameen par.

Great post Nazish.

Titaxy said...

fate / destiny all are excuse words to most extent...people just dont want to put in the efforts and need something else to blame it all on...hard work always pays, maybe late, but it does pay in the long one shud always take responsibility for their action and guide their lives themselves instead of believing in fate / luck, etc.

again, a v nice post from you

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Suffix
Thank You Suffix!!

@ Usha
Totally agree with u Usha!!

@ Manju
Thats so true Manju...its all about the Laws of Attraction !!
N ya thanks for the award :)!!

@ Kavi
Absolutely if one doubts himself i wonder how can he expect others to believe him for that matter even GOD!!

@ SG
Thats really well said SG!! Those are words of wisdom!! Thanks for sharing it!!

@ Neha
yup...u sound really very positive and a person who has tremendous confidence and self belief...thats why u r what u r Neha...great!!

@ Destiny's Child
Haha...glad u too agree that its we who make our destiny!!

@ Sujata
Thanks Sujata!!

@ Kavita
Well said Kavita...thats so true!!

@ Titaxy
Thanks Titaxy...your correct these are most times used as an excuse!!

Swatantra said...

Nice information!! The life we live is the choices we make...

The Holy Lama said...

Gita is the best guide here. Just do your karma and think not of the fruits. And interpretations of the karma may be different for many people around you, but just follow the God in you- your consience.

Crazy Four said...

Believing in oneself is a must. But sometimes, one must bide time too and wait for the opportunity or to be released from earlier duties.

Smita said...

Hello Nazish,

I don't know who you are or how you came across my blog... But thank you for taking time to go through it, for appreciating something that might be of little or no interest to you, and for leaving a comment instead of being another one of those anonymous readers.

I will surely get back to read your blog at another time but I have to rush now!

Thank you once again...


Deeps said...

thats a beautiful quote,Nazish!Yes,the key is to believe in yourself.

The Panorama said...

Nice post, Nazish. I agree with you. Believing in yourself is very necessary. But it is not always easy for everyone to believe in themselves. I know many struggle with low self esteem.

Karthik said...

Beutiful post, man! None can save him who doesn't believe in himself.
I was going through your older posts and found most of them soul stirring. Really nice. They are worth reading. Will read them one by one. Kudos!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Swatantra

@ The Holy Lama
Ya follow god definitely but also your heart.

@ Crazy Four

@ Smitha

@ Deeps
I too agree with u Deeps!!

@ Panorama
Well i know some struggle but can work hard to believe in themselves as no one is born perfect us see...

@ Kartik
Thanks Kartik i really appreciate that.

Aparna said...

Hey, remind me of the couplet " khud hi ko buland itna"...
Great thought Nazish. Loved this inspirational post.
@ Kavita, loved the lines.

Sakshi said...

I think you need a bit of everything to get along with life or it becomes too monotonous.

Can you plz plz remove the word verification? It swallows my comments most of the time :(

Dhanya said...

Totally agree with you there!

KB said...

I believe in myself and destiny. A good combination to be sure.

Varsha Shrote said...
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Nazish Rahman said...

@ Aparna
Thanks Aparna :)!!

@ Sakshi
Great to see back... :)!!!
Dont worry it wont swallow this time!!

@ Dhanya

@ Karen
Welocome Karen...i too agree with ya!!
Have nice day!!

@ Varsha
Exactly...we should keep trying and surely one day we'll get the results. Your absolutely eight!!
take care :)!!