Saturday, October 24, 2009

Earn...dont demand respect!!

Respect is something which we all want. There are some who demand respect and some earn! There are some members in family that one respects but if one is given a would think twice. Same can also be said in the social circle we live in.

There are some people who demand respect. Shouldn't respect be earned? Whats the use of fake respect if that person does not respect you from his heart. Elders sometimes think that respect is something which they deserve, and no need to earn it. One should do an analyse as what has one done to earn this. Respect should also be given to juniors as well because then only one can expect love and genuine respect from them. Genuine respect is something that is felt from inside and it has nothing to do with age or seniority. It is possible that we respect people who are lesser than our age or experience. Genuine respect is something which is unbiased according to me as it comes straight from your heart.

A person who has self respect can only have genuine respect for others and not fake. One cant expect others to respect if one we cant respect ourselves. The way one behaves and his actions are what helps him or her to earn respect. Respect according to me is something that expects something in return too...and that is respect, but not fake!! One should earn respect and not command as it will be fake!!


Usha said...

You have earned your respect with your articles ;)


Neha said...

I respect your thoughts on this sensitive issue NR - a genuine one and not a fake one..:D

whatever u said here is really true...but giving fake respect is a part of our customs, especially after we have to touch the feet of elders whenever we see them no matter how good, bad, known or unknown they are...we don't have a choice there of choosing the ones whom we respect...but i wish they all could read ur post..

Titaxy said...

true...these emotions have to come from within..can't be done just because someone is demanding it...

Mustaf said...

Respect has something to do with one's personality, values, principles i.e. something integral to you which can't never be taken away.So it should be above age, position,the outer wrappers we all have

Aparna said...

In our society, we feel the elders should automatically be respected. In the past, I have often fought with my mother on this issue.Respect has nothing to do with age. It has to do with a persons self worth, his/her conduct and principles.

kavita said...

When we are kids we are taught to respect elders ..i think because a kid's mind is not mature enough to understand whether that person is worth respecting or not,slowly we start understanding little by little the difference between good and not so good.
What i do is i respect elders unconditionally ,speak my mind whenever it demands,we can put forward our views without being rude or disrespectful.Respecting the younger ones is a very important point,being elder does not mean being bossy ...You are right that a self respecting person will always have a genuine respect for all.BRAVO...Nazish,you have done it again,every time i read your post i respect you even more.

ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

Good contribution Nazish, Repect should be given out of respect not just for the sake of formality or force. I respect your words!!

Asit Dhal said...

Those who demand respect doesn't know how to earn it....

Kay said...

Amen! I am soooooo tired of prospective employees (or current for that matter) telling me how wonderful they are, I always no right away, this person is all talk and no action! a shame really. Infamous in their own head. Perhaps, they are right, but I never take the bate or stick around to find out.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Usha
Thanks Usha!!! :)

@ Neha
We can b the change....or even make them realize their mistakes!!

@ Titaxy

@ Mustaq
I totally agree with u ..thanks for your comments!!

@ Aparna
I agree this is how most ppl think but things are changing now!!

@ Kavita
We all are different therefore we respond differently to things!! The important thing is that we need to b honest with ourselves isin't it!!
Thanks for your lovely comments!!

@ Suffix
Thanks a lot ya!!

@ Asit
i agree with u!!

@ Kay
I agree with u their actions tell the story!!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

HI Nazish !! This is one of the best post of your Blog !! Thanks for sharing..I really appreciate this..Unseen Rajasthan

Deepika said...

thats very true.... respect is earned..

Babli said...

Excellent post. I appreciate for your post as you have written on a very sensitive issue. I always feel that respect is something which we should get and it comes only if we give respect not only to elders but to everybody. Usually we give respect to the old people and we just ignore the younger people as they also deserve respect.

Anonymous said...

Respect is give and take and yes you should respect everyone around you young or old. Respect everyone's freedom of speech and expression.No need to fake any respect for anyone. But yes being disrespectful is a no- no. I come from a family, where we are taught to get up when elders enter the room as a mark of respect. Its more to do with your character than if the people really deserve it or not!!Hypocricy...but what to do...Our Culture demands it...So no harm..

Deeps said...

absolutely!I've believed that you earn respect by your virtues,not by your age.

Dhanya said...

I agree! Some people just act so crappy and then talk about getting no respect and stuff. You have to be worthy enuff to earn respect first of all... can't be demanded!

numerounity said...

True i ve earned your respect.. Did i? ;)

The Panorama said...

I totally agree with you, Nazish. Respect should be earned.
I agree with Neha too where our social customs require respect shown to the elders whether they deserve it or not.
Here in Norway, there are no such social customs and hence you find the youngsters as extremely rude and disrespectful( not all though). LIke in schools, the teachers command so littel respect.
And it is not because they haven't earned the respect. It is because the young ones are simply not taught to respect in the same way as you would find in India.
Good post:)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Unseen rajasthan
Thanks a lot...

@ Deepika

@ Babli
Your right...thanks for stopping by!!

@ Jyothi
Ya its more to do with our character and so this proves what kind of a person are we!!!

@ Deeps
Exactly Deeps!!

@ Dhanya
Wonder how those people also expect respect when they have done nothing to earn it!!

@ numerounity
Lolz...oh yes definitely, and mind u its a genuine one :)!!!

@ The Panorama
Culture and upbringing also plays a major role her.

Varsha Shrote said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Destiny's child... said...

That is so so correct...
Often, we hear people say, 'It's time you learn to respect me...blah blah blah...'
And to them I am going to say, 'It's time you earn it!'

Nice post NR! :)

Pins N Ashes said...

As it is with everything, one gives respect and ones gets it back! And the one who demands because they are so n so, deserves nothing. U said it right NR.

Many times elders fail to understand this regarding kids and men towards women! sad!!

Have a gr8 week ahead

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sujata said...

Ver rightly said. i have always believed this.

Regina said...

How wonderful! Great post.

SG said...

Nice post. Respect must be earned. But if someone demands respect because of his/her age or social status, the others will only GF them.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Varsha
Thanks !!
Thats really so nice of u!!

@ Destiny's Child
great ...n i hope they really earn it!!
Thanks!! :)!!

@ Pins And Ashes
Thanks a lot...!!

@ Biloy
@ Sujata
Thank You :))!!

@ Regina

@ SG
Thanks...i agree with u!!

JD said...

so true. Respect has to be commanded, not demanded. u have truly said that one needs to respect oneself before he/she respects others..

Manju said...

oh that's so true with elders demanding respect. but we should still give it to them, out of courtesy, and you know, in doing that WE are earning respect ^^

Aparna said...

well the saying goes....give respect and take respect

Crazy Four said...

Respect has to be earne. But once in a while, the good actors we all are, act a little respect for those retired old guys and gals who once thought like us. I assure- no harm in the exercise

HaRy!! said...

True indeed...Respect/Gratitude is something which yu earn and not ask for...its like asking for crap to be decorated on one, but as Neha says...its true...! so common that yu cant survive without it!


Titaxy said...

there's an award for you on my blog...come visit!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ JD

@ Manju
Thanks for dropping by!!
Yup i agree with u too...respect is earned by giving respect!!

@ Aparna
Thanks Aparna!!
Ya but it has to b genuine!!

@ Crazy Four

@ Harry
Thanks !!