Sunday, October 11, 2009

Being Human!!!

Most of us have this belief that we are a good responsible human being. Are we? What are the criteria that qualifies us to be in the good human club. Is it that one who has never harmed anyone and is always ready to help.

For some this may be and for many it may not qualify as being the criteria. For some it may be listening to the inner voice and following it as what is right or wrong. Now what is right or wrong depends what according to that individual is right and wrong. For some right or wrong changes depending on the circumstances. Many believe that they not a good human being and always want to be in that state of mind. The reason can be that when they compare their actions to that of others..they find other people's action more humane. At the same time there are many who consider themselves to be the a good human being because they are better than those people whose actions are worse then theirs.

There is no one who is perfect in this world. We all have these qualities ,this is what I think. The only thing that may be differs us from each other as far as our nature is concerned is the extent of availability of all those points mentioned above.
Those who try to be good are the ones who come closer to being a good human. The important word here is "try". Results are not that important rather intentions are. I was once told by my professor " The most important thing in life is to be a good human. If you are able to achieve this then you have actually been successful in life".

Without darkness one would not know the value of light, in the same way without the presence of evil one would not value what is good. We all have some good qualities as well as bad.


Titaxy said...

good / bad...right / wrong...everything so relative, no? you said, it's really the intentions that matter...i know people you are nice talkers...but their intentions are so different from the words they utter...and that's not the way to be, acc to yea..nice always, v thoughtful and mature :-)

sujata said...

To be a good guy is easy, to be right is tough! To stand up and be vocal about things that are important to you is tough, many feel, but very few have the guts to express, to raise a storm and make a difference. A very well written and bang on target post.

Neha said...

another thought provoking post belief on right and wrong is that it is us humans who decide what is right and what is wrong as per our convenience...

so many examples for this are in front of us...whatever ur professor said is so very true...thank u for sharing..

Asit Dhal said...

No one can be perfect, good or bad..that's true. Because people see these things at different point of view. The evil in one's eye may the best in others' eye.

SG said...

Nice post. Made me think for a while. Many will say intention is the matter. However, who decides the intention is good or bad? When Indian people were fighting for independence, some people called them "freedom fighters" and some others called them "trouble makers".

Babli said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. Oh! it was an amazing experience to see the various types of flight and the air show was excellent.
Wonderful post. I feel that every person is good but it depends when we mix with that particular person then we are able to know what type of person exactly he is. Sometimes a good person also becomes bad because of mixing with bad people.

Pins N Ashes said...


Right and wrong are so relative, somebody's right is another's wrong. How do we judge???

Thumb rule: Let's try to be good and not nasty or sly... and smile n help others smile too....


Destiny's child... said...

You are right. The operative word here is try. No one is perfect. he least we can do is try and be good human beings. With this post, you have explored yet another facet of the human mind...:)

kavita said...

Nazish..i can only say that for me it has never been a problem to recognize a good person(not perfect ) but it is very hard to decide whether i am one or not...when i loose my temper with my small kids i am worse than a monster but at times i do few good thing too(at least to me they feel good) are right here we can at least TRY to be one....its a continuous process try,try,try...Nazish ,at your age you are quite a thinker,i am deeply impressed.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Titaxy
Thanks!! If your intentions are pure then your too!!

@ Sujata
Thanks Sujata...well if we try to b good i think we'll achieve what we want to isn't ! :)

@ Neha
Ya Neha its we who decide as per our convenience but it can be a wrong judgement sometimes!! Listening to what your heat says is i think more important!!

@ Asit Dhal
Ya i agree Asit !! :)

@ SG
I understand but u see one can lie to everyone but not yourself!! What the heart says most the time is a honest truth!

@ Babli
Thanks Babli...even your right sometimes a good can become bad and vise versa!!

@ Pins N Ashes
I agree that one must try to b good thats more important!! We sometimes judge depending on the situation and sometimes on what our heart says which most of the time gives a honest advise :)!!
Thanks for visiting my blog... !!

@ Destiny's Child
Thanks ya...yup trying to b a good human is important!! :)

@ Kavita
Thanks Kavita Mam...i think time is greatest teacher and the learning process is always on & with people like u around we youngsters do get to learn a lot :)!!

Crazy Four said...

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly make the world. We can choose our side, but never fret about it later.

ஷ‌ஃபிக்ஸ்/Suffix said...

The good and bad of human revealed when there is a trial!! Every one should learn to control their mind during the hardship or at the even of happiness!! Nice sharing Rahman.

The Holy Lama said...

True without darkness, we can't appreciate light. But we can decide which we want on our portfolio.:) And if we want to delve more- one person's right is another's wrong- so here we go by the general right not the personal right.

Regina said...

Great post Nazish! True no one is perfect. Because only One is perfect.
We all do wrong one way or another.
In thoughts on in deeds. But we achieved to seek our higher purpose. To use our talent for the good of others and try to live closer to perfect.
Thanks for visiting.

Kavi said...

To be good is easy ! And intentions dont get us far. Intentions need to be backed with actions.

Actions not getting desired results is a different matter altogether !

To stand up for right and just do duty..these indeed will deliver us to the right ! :)

Varsha Shrote said...

Very well written!And makes you think a lot too!Great!
You know what I feel-I feel that we have a competition with ourselves, we should always try to become a better human being than what we already are, the results are always good. Comparing with others won't help, we have to set our own standards.
My rule is--Stay happy and try to make others happy too. But if required, be nasty too-because some people don't understand the language of love and goodwill. We should not let others take advantage of us.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Crazy Four
Your right...all components are important!!

@ Suffix true, well said!!

@ The Holy Lama
Exactly it us to decide which path to choose!!

@ Regina
Wisdom in your words..:)

@ Kavi
Intentions definitely should b backed by actions...but intentions comes first then its followed by actions so both should complement each other!

@ Varsha
Even i agree with and let live!! I know some take your silence or lang of love as weakness but we know the real power of that silence!!

Usha said...

Good and Bad are subjective. Let's be humans with regard for humanity :)

I always wonder where you get your inspiration from to tackle topics and later provide wonderful insights.

Care to enlighten? :D

Swatantra said...

Beautiful!! I like your posts!!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Usha
What ever we experience in our life it that we share with others dont we!
People say its time that teaches u everything...:)

@ Swatantra
Thanks ya!!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

As literature students, we studied the concept of The Chain of Being, which places man between angels and beasts. By his deeds, man can rise to the level of angels or fall to the level of beasts. Your post talks about this very issue in a perceptive way.

Zeba said...

Intentions are all that matter.. True

Babli said...

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

Deeps said...

nice post,Nazish.we all have a dark side in us,just as we have a positive side.

I agree with be good is easy,but to stand up to waht is right is what makes you a better person.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Another beautiful post !! Thanks ...

HaRy!! said...

Now thats very true indeed! Kudos to yur professor, we try to achieve so many things..., Try to be a good human itself is a big deal for so many of us. That can change things! :)!

numerounity said...

I have learnt a very nice thing while in college. Someone one told me that when we hurt/ malice/ insult a person, we do not hurt that person but the god within that person. The God within once hurt never forgive us. Hence we should be very careful in our action/ words.
Nice thoughts and I applaud the fact that you did not tried to preach here[ a quality rare in such posts by many eminent authors]. Way to go.
For once I thought it is about the Ngo as promoted by Salman khan.

Nazish Rahman said...

Thanks for visiting! :)

@ Babli
Thanks !!

@ Deeps
Thanks Deeps...

@ Unseen Rajasthan

@ Harry
Ya that can change things and us too for good!!!

I agree with should not hurt anyone and b careful with their words!!
Salaman's Being Human is also a great thing that he is doing!!