Thursday, April 30, 2009 thing to happen to Indian Cricket!!!

This season of IPL 2 has been more interesting than previous years. The reason why i think is because by now last year one had a pretty clear picture of which teams were most probably going in the semis...atleast the top three were clearly visible. Not this time. The points table tell all the story. Its very open this time and seems somewhat at the end of the league matches will it be clear as to which are the top four teams. This season has been different as in South Africa the conditions are helping the bowlers too as was not the case last year. the bowlers are having their say in the tournament. The with a good bowling line up will be difficult to face. As the tournament keeps on progressing the pitches are bound to be more slower and the spinners and medium pacers slow ball weapon will be crucial in the series.

IPL has really given an excellent exposure to the youngsters of domestic cricket as these interactions with international players will help them in future. We always hear that Indian batman find it difficult to bat in bouncy and fast tracks, well now as the youngsters are exposed to these conditions so early in their career that these will definitely help them. The best thing that Mr.Lalit Modi has done is that have made a rule that one has to have certain number of Under 22 Indian players. Thats great as IPL is all about Indian Players getting a lovely platform to showcase their talent.

IPL is the best example of what what management is all about. Mr. Lalit Modi and Co have done a fabulous job and no wonder Mr. Modi is as famous as some great players playing in this tournament. The cricket has been of top standard. IPL is definitely going to help strengthen domestic cricket of India. One can see the some changes in the way youngsters play their cricket. IPL has already given some lovely cricketers like Yusuf Pathan, Jadeja to Indian Team and to international teams such Marsh and D. Hussey.
IPL is doing a great job in strengthing Indian Cricket as that its most valuable contribution.

Jai Ho IPL!!!!!


Sourav !!! said...

Nazish, nice article, would love more detailing on your part !!

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Nazish Rahman said...

@ Sourav
Thanks would definitely put more detail nxt time!!!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Assalam nazish ,,,,
well, i have not seen a single ipl match :( :( thats coz i dont have any access to tv :( newaz. . . Yupps! Most of the people are crazy bout it . . . And its gr8 that our boys are gettin to learn from players all over the world.....and i didnt know bout that 'under 22 indian players'. . . Thats the best part of it think. . . But know wat , there is one thing i dont like. . .Makin our boys play against themselves. . . Of course it should be taken in a good spirit. . But still. . . I didnt like that bhajji srisanth episode. . . Besides, i wud neday suport chenai in nething. . . . But then. . . Dada is in knight riders :( what to do ?. ?. I wish all my favourite players were in one team ;p

Nazish Rahman said...

@ JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD

Thanks for your comments it really means a lot.
Well even in domestic matches our guys play against eachother and that how you strengthen your domestic structure and the results are seen in international matches.

Well that sreesanth-bhajji episode was just one of a kind...happpens in big events.
Why would u not support Chennai ya its a decent side!!!

Aparna said...

IPL jai hO!! indeed!

Nazish Rahman said...

Thanks...definitely agree with u !!!

ARUNA said...

Hi Nazish, nice article. My husband is just crazy about it!!Let's c how it goes!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Aruna
Thanks...nice to hear that...hope even u'll b a fan of IPL soon !!!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Yaar i told i will anyday support chennai in anything :) you got confused with the 'n e' i guess. .

I dont or rather cant watch ipl . . But if i did i wouldn know which team to support . . I generally support chennai in such things, but saurav is a darling ;)

i see you have disabled anon comments . . . . Good move. . I have disabled it in my blog as well. . . I dont really like anon comments

Nazish Rahman said...

@ JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD

Yup seems i got confused with that...ya i anon comments are nine out of ten times useless!!!

take care

Sakshi said...

Hey finally pushed my way through your blog..not a feat less than IPL I tell ya..Thanks for ur sweet words on my blog.

Now I am a person who still thinks Imran khan is the captain of the Pakistan cricket can't comment on this post scared of it but one thing i loved on your blog is your drawings...they are really awesome. Will be here to check out u often

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Sakshi

Finally u were able to visit my!!!
Thanks for appreciating my drawings and dont worry will definitely improve your knowledge on!!!

Thanks one again!!!!

ARUNA said...

no new post yet???

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