Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a selection????????????????????

Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid have been dropped from the Indian squad for the one month triangylar series in Australia.This comes as a shockung move as Ganguly who performed exremely well previous year was no way in the frame to be dropped.No reason have been given why they are dropped as they have performed well in Australia. Sehwag gets a chance to stay as his performance was not that good to earn a place in the squad.Dinesh Kartik seems to be the new Ajit Agarkar of Indian Cricket as he does not perform as stiil finds a place in the squad,maybe as a tourist.If Kartik is considered by removing either Ganguly or Dravid then the selectors really need to be changed.Murli Kartik has been dropped again as Chawla has been recalled.Whay is happening in Indian Cricket as just last series you recalled Murli Kartik and he performed well and now the captain wants Chawla? Dhoni is showing a lot of inexperience in his decisions and selectors are not lagging behind in this seems so. This what happens when one gets power easily and early as what Dhoni is doing .

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Durabah said...

Good selection some people will Hafta think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!