Monday, January 14, 2008

Dabbawalas to push IPO

Reliance Money has roped in dabbawalas to have an edge in Reliance Powe IPO. As a mtter of fact apart from mutual funds,insurance productsit also would like to penetrate its demat accounts and IPO application forms through this channel. The dabbawalas will not only carry messages across the city but will also forward the requests and the completed forms to the company.Its a two way communication.Its basic aim is to reach maximum retail investors as the dabbawalas move around more than 1.5 lakh lunch boxes across the city.The working practices of dabbawalas are 120 yr old logistics system.This according to me is an excellent move by the ADA Group as it will definately fetch them quick and radical results. As a matter of fact by doing this ADA Group will reach all it potential customers and convert them into their loyal customers.Hats of to the team which came up with this excellent and innovative idea.

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