Friday, August 14, 2009

Is Past Perfect

I have often wondered as to why the past is always perfect and most often happiness exists in the past. Past when compared to present most times takes one to a comfort zone. Its like when your unhappy and any consoladation makes you feel like running into an old friend abroad. Maybe we are so hungry for happiness that even small things like these makes us happy.

We all have some moments that we only take out to cherish rarely. These moments are just like treasure to us. Its these moments thats brings smile, happiness and joy. Its search for moments like these that we run around hoping to find happiness. Its a sign of hope which only you can see. Its actually the greediness to treasure more moments like these that makes us keep trying hard to achieve these.

But if we look carefully we experience happiness only in hindsight. Its a result of an event. Happiness is not a goal its an after effect, maybe happiness exists in our present but we seem to not recognized it. Diving into the past and deriving happiness may be an illusion. If we look around happiness exists in the present, its just how we see things.


On 15th August,2009 India will celebrate its Independence Day.
I wish all of u Happy Independence Day!!
Jai Hind

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Zeba said...

That's probably because we tend to remember happy memories from the past. And no one is ever really satisfied with what we have at the moment!! Happy independence day to u as well.

KB said...

Future happiness hasn't happened yet silly so of course we think of the past :) I hope you know I am teasing you.

Jyothi said...

Past is not perfect. You are referring only to the good memories of the past? Whether past or present,events become memories as per your visualization. Both good or bad let you go ahead in life.
Happy Independence Day!!

Usha said...
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Usha said...

Past is usually a comfort zone many retreat do cos it has happened. If we know what the future holds for us and its appears to better than the past, that will be our comfort zone. Then again, I gotta agree that living the present would be the best.

Happy Independence day.
Jai Hind.

Neha said...

philosophically speaking, if you look at your past from the learning prospective, then past can make you very positive in life...

zyada bhari ho gaya depends ya, as for some the past is very memorable and some wanna run away from it..but we always wish that we could rectify few mistakes which we made in past..

again, too heavy..

in short, I love the happy memories of my past :)

Titaxy said...

living in the present is the way to go for me too..but at times, we need something to fall back on..those happy moments from the past..those memories that leave us feeling good...

HaRy!! said...

Well no one is ever content and satisfied with what they have at the mo !! So tend to go to the past for bliss and happyness :) In Pursuit of Happyness...nice write..Jai Hind!! First time here..wil c yu around!

H a R y

Kavi said...

Hindsight is 20-20 !!! And there ofcourse, was a better way of doing things. that become apparent later.

And the past brings a multitude of memories. Reflection holds the key !

Happy independence day !!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Zeba
Thanks Zeba...yup no one is satisfied with what they have at the moment!!

@ Karen
lolz..yup we all are silly somewhere down the line :)

@ Jyothi
Ya i agree but most of the times we tend to remember only the good memories with us....your right we should go ahead in life doesn't matter if its good or bad!!

@ Usha
Thats very well said Usha and i think u've hot the nail on the head :)

@ Neha
Till learning prospective referring to past is fine but sticking to it would not be advisable.

@ Titaxy
Lolz..wonder why is life so complicated sometimes...

@ H a R y
Hmm...utility derived from happiness is difficult to derive n results in not being content
In Pursuit of that was great movie...

@ Kavi
Hindsight is, liked the way u described it!!


SG said...

Nice post. Past is dead. Future is unknown. Present is a gift of our existense. That is why it is called a "present". Happy Independence Day.

Aparna said...

While looking back,we tend to remember only our happy memories and block the sad ones. Thats why the past always seems rosy to us. Reminiscing about the happy past events also bring us joy, that is another reason we tend to cherish our past.
Happy Independence Day to you.

sujata said...

In hindsight most of the things look pleasant. The miseries of the past are often forgotten as time has healed us of them, and the memories that often remain are the happy ones, compelling us to think that past was beautiful, and the present is not so. Maybe people who live in the future, who dream of tommorow find the present as beautiful.Happy Independence Day to you too!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hi, came over from Aparna's blog. The Past is something we cherish because somehow things always seem better when we are not in the middle of it. Which is maybe why we look back at the past with pleasure and look forward to the future with hope. It is only the present that gives us trouble.

BTW, I have a blog which is totally dedicated to Past memories. It is

And Jai Hind!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ SG yup we forget present in search for future!!

@ Aparna
Ya so this makes me come to the point that past never shows u the truth!!

@ Sujata
Depends on individuals also!!

@ Sucharita Sarkar
Welcome to my blog n thank you for commenting!!
Its present where we have to live n deal with it :)..i agree with u!!

Varsha Shrote said...
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Mustaf said...

It's a nice post & very in-depth thought, but with due respect to your thoughts, I would like to differ from what you said.

We not only draw happiness from the past, we also take our learnings from the mistake we made in the past. I totally agree with you that happiness is an after effect and this even holds true even if we take minuscule time frames, which means if we are happy at present, it is because something good has happened in the past, that past might be just a seconds before this present.So frankly speaking, I actually got confused around the 3rd para, I believe we feel happy about the present. It is when we are down, we are lack of confidence, then only we need to draw inspiration from the good that happened to us in the past, the milestones we have achieved in the past.

Meira said...

Happy Independence Day to you too :)

Swatantra said...

A sweet incidence i would like to share with you.. today evening only siddharth asked me mamma kal aane wala hota hai ya jo chala gaya...

Sakshi said...

Aww I think you are yet to recover from that pain in ur hand so writing all this finding happiness post? Great post but I am telling you I am the heights for laziness, I don't take the effort to think much about the past (not that it gives me immense pleasure to think about all those evil things I did to my cousins...ahem). So I try to be chirpy and happy all the time and my happiness is infinity when I get to sit and read blogs like yours and people don't disturb me :)

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Varsha Shrote
Thanks...but u see Vaesha we get our comfort in happiness even if its in the past n try to forget the hard times of past...but your right we do learn a lot!!

@ Mustaf
Ya its a bit confusing as to what to go with but present is actually where we are.

@ Meira
Thanks n to u too!!

@ Swatan
I think Siddharth answered...there is use of being either in past or all depends how we see!!

@ Sakshi
Lolz...oh definitely in some pain!!!
Oh you do exactly the right thing Sakshi...whts the use of going back to past....your genius, knew it :)!! Oh thats great to hear that u r happy all the time...your definitely one of the few lucky ones!!! N thanks for your kind words...i appreciate!! :)

shilpa said...

i think my present is better then my past but its wise to live in the present and adapt to one situation .

Regina said...

Happy Independence Day!
Beautiful post of happiness.

Babli said...

Very beautifully written.I always think about the wonderful memories of the past but never ever remember the sad part.Wish you a very Happy Independence Day.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Past perfect, future tense and lessons learnt!

Deeps said...

Ah!one of your retrospective posts!yes happiness can be in the present too..having said that,whenever I think about my past,it always makes me smile,'cos I chose to think of the happy moments only!but I'm also content with my present life and I'd never want to change it for anything.

Deeps said...

hey!the new layout looks great!and you're on wordpress too..let me hop over there!

Destiny's child... said...

Happy independence day
Btw, I am quite confused about all the past-present thing. All I can say is, we all are in the pursuit of happiness. We go after it, irrespective of what or who can give it to us.

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Shilpa
I agree present is where we actually belong to!

@ Regina
Thanks a lot!!

@ Babli
Thanks !!!

@ Rakesh
lol...lesson learnt!!!

@ Deeps
Thanks Deeps..glad u liked the new template...tried to give it a new fresh look, yup can also b found on wordpress...i think that the secret your content !!

@ Lol..confusion is the mother of all the problems!!!
Thanks for your drop in again!!

ABID said...

Nice Post