Monday, February 2, 2009

Moving Backwards

The incident in Mangalore has been in the news these days. Media should be given credit for covering it and keeping the issue alive, but at the same time the media is also to be blamed. Blame them for covering the incident but not helping the girls when they were attacked by the Ram Sena activists. Yes the media was there covering it as they were naturally called by these Ram Sena activists to come and cover the hooliganism that they did. The government instead of taking strict actions against them is trying to blame it on pub culture and remove it. So irresponsible our ministers are that a CM said that pub culture wont be allowed in his state as another CM of a state said that boys and girls roaming around in malls wont be allowed in his are these people going to decide each and every move of our life.

The standard of politics has really gone down in our country today. We are moving definitely but backwards. We talk about India becoming a World Power with this kind of response from people holding responsible positions. Even National Woman Commissions (NWC) report is now considered unsatisfactory. I mean how can they even agree with some points of those Ram Sena activists. Now the Ministry for Women and Child welfare is sending a second enquiry team to probe the pub attack. Everything here is messed up and allows outsiders to make fun of. The reason behind this is that the government is not accountable for its actions.

These things wont end here as one will again see these people creating problem as Valentine's Day is the next opportunity for these people to get more media coverage. People need to protest the way the case is being handled as just the politicians are back to playing their old game of satisfying each and every groups of their parties. if you cant provide security to your citizens, then i wonder what is government there for???


ABID said...

U are right what ever happened was wrong and the govt should take action

Nazish Rahman said...

@Abid So sad is the state that the govt is still sleeping.

chhavi said...

Good to see that your thoughts are thought provoking
But if you have heard of buddhism you will think froma differnet perspective
Try searching about NAM MYO HO RENGE KYO

Nazish Rahman said...

a NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO aims enlightenment of wisdom..and that there is such a close relationship between each of us and our surroundings that when we change ourselves, we change the world and even i believe in that.
N ya those thoughts are not provoking but its trying do as much i can do as a responsible citizen of this country and condemning what is wrong.

Your blog is nice ...keep up the good work.

chhavi said...

Hey Nazish!
Thanks for reading my blog
I just updated it
go and have a look at it and do tell me how it is!

chhavi said...

I teach class II!
I have not heard people saying anything good about teachers these day

chhavi said...

I am not teaching since past four yrs!
Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion!
And it is mystic law!
everything and anything if u believe it!

chhavi said...

Haven't left teaching as yet..I have juts started looking for options infact I have been looking for them since long and currently planning few thjings ..lets see if they work out!

chhavi said...

Hey u can tell me so that i pray accordingly

chhavi said...

Yeah I am very strict and no how to handle children is nevcer taugh anywhere ..its inert or learned with time !!
as far as how good I am at it ..well ..its for the kids to tell me
but u shud tell me the name of that gal and I will definetly try from my side!

chhavi said...

Yeah wts in the name but it would have been better for me to focus on it ..but yeah as u say
nah kids dnt hate me ..infact I am still sorking coz of their love ...Infact this time I dnt wanna part!!!
But I ahve to
Chhavi means image
Eg..u when u see urself in the water ..what you see in water is your chhavi!

chhavi said...

He He He
yeah they will miss me
Well I wanna go for PR
I am good at talking!

scheng said...

Standard of politics is as good as the people who are holding political office.
People, even rulers, do change, just a matter of for better or for worse.
Just hope that the government is able to nurture the next generation of great leaders through the educational system, else a day will come when God will decide what's best for the country.

Nazish Rahman said...

Thanks for your comments

alaka shantakumar said...

thanx for the comment !! n u got a cool blog there

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

Mlore incident was a stupid one. The Govt is with those people who protested it. And i regret that our people elected such a govt!!!

Nazish Rahman said...

@ Alaka


@ Dr. Chandana Shekar

I agree with u ya!!!! its bad

sormita said...

watevr d govt wud do such hooligans will always b arnd to create chaos nd disorder-dey wud find sme petty reason to do dat

Nazish Rahman said...

Ya i know but some action has to b taken as to set as example!!!