Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yellow card in Cricket

Cricket is all set to go the football way of  using yellow card to prevent players from abusing umpires and also sledging. This will first be introduced in county and club level tournaments in London. If ECB sees its working then they may include it in first class matches. ECB have taken permission from MCC which manages the law of the game overseas. Yellow card may mean that a player is sent off the fiels for some overs say 12. Introduction will help to bring dicipline in games as its more required in club level matches. 
 The umpires need to be given more power. If this works then one may see it introduced too in international matches. If this law is introduced then only one team that will have to chage their playing style....are the Australians!!!!!!


Ritesh. P said...

ya nazish, you can add me to your blog post. I would be glad.

By the way, yellow cards in cricket would be interesting. But hasn't the ICC been soft to Aussies, English, South Africans and New Zealanders than to we Asians, who are always either been banned or treated harshly for any wrong temper to sledging? I think they would give the yellow cards to the whites and red cards to we Asians for the same offence.

Nazish Rahman said...

i know this has been the problem but with introduction of this at least ppl will see how bias the decision was.