Saturday, November 15, 2008

Poem by Jiten Soni

Life has a Fulfillment - (my first poem)

Life has a fulfillment to one's self defense against others
Life is an invert reality to face one future glory.
It's an art which speaks for our grants and our wishes
For a destination to see and the reality to crave it's live for it. 
But to an astonishment one sees life, he just faces each and 
Watch every moment of juncture of us to lye in our heads.

It's an outfit to what we wear than we see,
It's an area to look inside, which we never see. 
It's color that tastes our preference,
But it's an unpredictable journey to what see our future to be.

Every area we focus, every area we look,
It's just what we see as we and not by you.
Its fulfillment to the dream we see and we just crib for it,
But a hard work takes our virtue go high the skies.

That's the fulfillment to ones own query to life,
That's the fulfillment to ones own answer to believe,
That's our outwardness to what we see and believe,
That's what starts our mission to go ahead with life
As to our fulfillment is where we take us to be.



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