Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Test Cricket -Backbone of Cricket

With India now surely becoming the super power in cricket for sure and winning the T20 World Cup has really opened new income avenues for the BCCI. IPL which seems to be a good monetary source of income for the board is slowly but surely shifting from Test Cricket. The recent example tells the story. The BCCI had reduced the England Test Series from 3 to 2 and instead added two T20 matches. The reason given was that due to Christmas the English players cannnot stay in India. So if this was the reason then why didn't the board reduce the ODI matches. The fact of the matter is that more revenue comes from ODI and now crickets youngest child T20. T20 is not the future. Test cricket is and is the future. IPL will only be succesful if the players have proved themselves in Tests and ODI.If kids start playing more and more of T20 cricket then their basics is going to detoriate.Then we have any top players in international cricket in the future. The BCCI should take some good measures to improve the quality of players.Test Cricket the backbone of cricket and one cannot ignore it.

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